Your employees, your best brand advocates

Turn your employees into your best ambassadors with MY SOCIAL BRAND.


Your employees, your best brand advocates

Multiply brand awareness through your employees, your main stakeholder stakeholder

Exclusive content curated by you

Choose your company’s most relevant content from any digital channel and define the messages that will be published.

Reward the best

A gamification based system where employees are awarded by sharing the most relevant content

Create a healthy, competitive and fun atmosphere at the office

Based on the number of points obtained, employees are placed on the leaderboard, where the best win.

Integration with social media, blogs and internetmedia

Connect all main corporate accounts from social networking sites, blogs, webs, your own or 3rd party platforms.

Real-time notifications

Are you close to launching a new product, event or brand? Notify your employees right away.


MY SOCIAL BRAND a multi-language platform adapted to different enterprise communication necessities

Anywhereat anytime…

With the mobile app, your employees will be able to access the platform and its content anytime, from any device

Real-time Analytics

Retrieve and measure the social activity and the results achieved by your employees in real-time

Advantages of using MY SOCIAL BRAND

For your company

• Boost communication strategy through the employees as advocates

• Automatically select and simply retrieve content from any source

• Keep influencers well informed with key company content

• Filter the content through different company departments to guarantee its relevance in different groups

• Motivate employees and engage them with your organisation

• Your employees will be able to connect anytime/anywhere

For your employees

• Build up their personal brand and become a leader in the industry through verified content

• Share interesting, relevant and inspiring content throughout their personal network in a simple way

• Create and propose relevant content for the industry and help

• Obtain professional recognition in/out of the company

• Access and share contentanytime/anywhere

• Keep up to date on the most relevant information and industry insights

A platform to help you reach your goals


There is no one more credible than who knows the company inside and out and voluntarily shares their pride of belonging.

With MY SOCIAL BRAND, your content, campaigns and overall actions will reach a larger audience more effectively than other traditional methods.

• Turn your employees into brand ambassadors

• Multiply your brand reach

• Increase your brand awareness

• Make your content viral

• Reduce campaign cost and improve ROI

Human Resources

A well informed employee will be better aligned with the company’s goals and will feel much more involved and engaged with its work.

Use MY SOCIAL BRAND to maintain your employees updated on the important stuff that is happening internally and in your particular industry. Enhance your company culture.

• Increase employee engagement

• Save time retrieving talent


Buid up a more intense relationship between your sales force and your potential clients through MY SOCIAL BRAND using interesting contents to stimulate interactions.

• Acquire better and increase your rate of conversion.

• Make of your employees the best representation of your company

• Reach a wider audience throughout your employee’s contacts



Connect their social media profiles •

Read the newsfeed with the contents your curate •

Share the most interesting content •

Suggest content to your administrator •

is as easy as…


• Link your company’s social networks

• Select the content to be published

• Publish the curated content

• Analyse the results

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